Jordan Verni (PA, USA)

JamminJordan_sq copy

Pegleg Bennet (Cornwall, UK)


Simon Shields (Newquay, UK)


Kenneth Murillo (Texas, USA)


Rob Dewey (New Jersey, USA)


Sebastian Jimenez (Scotland)

Photographer: @arms_of_ocean.surfvisuals

Rona McMillan (Scotland)

Instagram brand ambassador @ronamcmillan

Peter Laing (London)

Tash Van Greunen (Cape Town, SA)

Nate Carter (Cornwall) surfboards by Tim Stafford, image: symagesphotography.

Blake Jones, Porthcawl

Ethan Jolosa, South Wales

Finlay Lucas, St Agnes

Dave Baggiano, New Jersey

Chliyeh Mohamed, Sweden

Daisy’s Cold Water Surf Team is recruiting! Brand ambassadors and interested surfers should contact us to arrange an interview.


1) Ability in the surf

2) Demonstration of a detailed understanding of the ocean and rules of surfing

3) Understanding of and participation in ocean stewardship

4) Actively being a good role model for surfing and ocean science in general

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